Sacred circle

Let us come together and create "magic"


The circle holds space for inspiration, expansion, and connection. It's a place for us to gather together. At a time when the world seems to move faster and faster – when there's always something to be done, something next on our schedules – the circle offers us a unique opportunity to slow down and reconnect.

The circle is a profound, transcendent symbol. It is said to represent wholeness, completion, inclusion, the life cycle, heaven, eternity, and the universe.

Yet circles are not just symbolic. They are natural, physical phenomena. When scientists look at the building blocks of humankind—our DNA—they find spirals or stacked interlocking circles. Indeed, in the whorls of our fingertips, the irises of our eyes, our cells and the egg that gave each of us life, we are made of circles.



Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.


– Rumi


Join the  Sacred Circle

In the Circle we meditate together, then share our life's journey, what we are learning, what we are healing, who we are becoming, connecting with our inner Selves, while the Circle holds a sacred space with unconditional love for each one of us to be. It is always a special opportunity and blessing to hear oneself, and each other speak authentically from the soul and heart.

The circle is like a web with different threads, which are all needed to make the healing and “magic” happen. These are the threads we are weaving together with our hearts, intentions, and spirit:

A circle of
safety and support

We have not always felt safe to feel, speak and act from their own values. Our voices have not always been heard and respected.  In this circle, we want to fully support, acknowledge and encourage ourselves and each other to discover, feel and express who we really are.

A circle of
sacred space

Collectively we start the circle with a meditation while holding hands. We do this to connect with each other's inner spiritual Consciousness, as souls.

We create a sacred space, bringing into our circle the spiritual energy and mystery of the Divine.

A circle of
unconditional love

In this circle, we will give and receive the same deep, sensitive, unconditional love to ourselves and each other as we give to those around us.

A circle of

After the collective meditation, we have a sharing circle where each participant can speak about the topic of the day.  The purpose of the circle is that each participant gets in touch with her feelings, hears herself speak and is witnessed by the sacred circle.

A circle of

You are speaking for your soul, daring to step into a place where you haven't been before. Each word you speak and each silence belongs to you and is filled with your being and presence.

In this way, as you heal, take back and own the energy locked up in these feelings as a strength.

A shift of consciousness happens, a feminine part of us is embraced spiritually by the Divine within.