Every space holds energy. Even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it. For example, you may have walked into a room that looked beautiful, but somehow just didn’t feel right. Or perhaps you’ve been in a space that was decorated poorly or not to your taste, but you immediately felt good and comfortable. In both instances, you were probably tuning into the energy of the space. Have you ever referred to the need to “clear the air,” or said something has a “good vibe,” or after an argument stated, “you could cut the tension in the room with a knife?” Or perhaps you’ve even simply said that a place had “good energy.”  Many commonly used expressions indicate that we intuitively understand that spaces can have a certain vibration or feel.


Space Clearing supports with :

  • clearing the Energy of those from the past
  • after big life changes
  • after physical or Psychological Illness
  • business
  • after conflict in the home
  • real estate house cleansing

The purpose of space clearing is to break up any stagnant energy within the home, land or place of business to refresh it, stabilize it and infuse it with the intentions of those who currently occupy the space.

Each Energy Clearing includes an evaluation of the current energies in your home or business, a clearing of the old energies and the bringing in of new energy, as well as a consultation on how to keep positive energy flowing in the home or business after we leave.

Rooms can hold the energy of all the events, emotions, people, and activities that have taken place in the space — to have a fresh start, and create more harmony and peace in our surroundings; it can be helpful to clear the energy once in a while. Most people would agree that a common and essential aspect of caring for our homes is cleaning away dust and dirt. No one would argue that letting dirt accumulate over time negatively affects our health and dampens our spirits. But also detrimental to a healthy home is built-up, stagnant energy.

Stagnant energy can prevent us from reaching our full potential by holding past issues, emotions, and old patterns that no longer serve us.

Details :

1. Clearing the Energy of those from the past

When you move into a home or office, it is important to consider who occupied the space before you and what has occurred there. Their health, happiness, and energy have all affected the space. Even if the new property is stripped bare of all the furnishings, the patterns of the former resident's energy will remain. This predecessor energy will be strongest where they slept, where they sat, and along the 'pathways' that they created as they walked around the rooms. There will also be parts of a room or the home that they may not have used for various reasons. This could be a spare bedroom or a corner of a room where a piece of furniture stood hiding a corner, thereby not allowing energy to circulate easily. Establishing a healthy circulation of energy throughout the home is imperative for your health on all levels.

2. After Physical or Psychological Illness

If you or someone in the space has been ill for a considerable period, the vibration of the home will be affected. When someone is seriously ill at home, the daily routine is affected. The occupants' social life is often inhibited, and there is an atmosphere of stillness, quietness and nervous apprehension. For the person who has been ill, there may have been suffering, pain and anxiety. For the occupants who share the space, their energy naturally becomes more subdued. Space clearing after physical or psychological illness will undoubtedly improve the energy of the home and set the tone for a fresh, bright future.

3. After Big Life Changes

Stress from today's hectic lifestyle can affect all of us. The most powerful causes of challenge include divorce, bereavement, end of a relationship, and loss of a job or change of career. Once we have come to terms with our grief, frustration or anger, it is time to move on. Rather than living in an atmosphere that is charged by the past, it is important, when appropriate, to clear the old and move forward. Performing an energetic clearing is a way to signal the universe that you are declaring the type of energy that you wish to feel in the space in the future.

4. After Conflict in the Home

Burglary or assault in your home creates an atmosphere that needs to be cleared. The space has been violated and many people report feeling uncomfortable when entering their home after such an event. On a lesser level, if you have had violent arguments within the home recently, these have undoubtedly left their mark on the atmosphere. Constant bickering and fighting for months or years on end allows this negative energy to be absorbed into the space and create an atmosphere that fosters disharmony.

5. Real Estate House Cleansing

Trying to sell your home? Why not clear away any negative energies that may have settled in. Create a warm, welcoming feeling for prospective buyers!

Getting ready to buy a new home? Often homes that are on the market have just been through tremendous turmoil, this negative energy can linger in the home and can be cleared away before you move in!

6.  Business

Often our place of business bears witness to a lot of stress and frustration. This negativity can stick around long after the day's work is done, waiting to greet you first thing in the morning. Regular clearings of energy can bring harmony to the office and make for a much more productive environment.


The process begins before I arrive at your location. Every energy clearing should start with a thorough cleaning, clutter clearing, and organization. Cleaning is a sign that you have decided to claim the space as your own and that you intend to take responsibility for keeping the space clear.   The energy clearing is performed in the entire space with a combination of Reiki Healing, crystal, sage, music, chanting and using the 5 elements.



You will receive suggestions on techniques that you can use to keep your space clear. Each clearing comes with a follow-up conversation during which we can discuss these techniques in greater depth if you have questions and review the findings from the healing process itself. You might notice an immediate change in the space or how you feel there. You may notice the rooms look brighter, clearer or bigger. You may feel more peaceful, lighter, airier and more relaxed.