Priya intervened in a particularly difficult time in my life, and the beginning of the journey has been both fascinating and helpful. For those like me who spend hours a day analyzing their thoughts and actions to the point of exhaustion, Priya’s work has both helped me identify areas of concern while giving me the power to surrender my need for constant control over my problems. I feel less anxious and more able to cope with life’s daily stressors. Priya is knowledgeable, attentive, and compassionate, and her ability to point out things from both an Eastern and Western perspective transcends any cultural unfamiliarity I had with healing. She has truly been a blessing to me and an invaluable addition to my mental health team.
— S. Derek Johnson-Gage, Esq. △ The Gage Law Firm, LLC
During each session, I felt an expansion of my entire energy field, as though compassion was gently flowing into me and then expressed by me out into the world. It was truly an amazing experience.
— Linda Haley △ Reiki Master & Founder of The Reiki Center, Columbus Oh
Priya’s presence as a healer and coach is transformative and empowering. The energy she brings to each session absolutely beautiful. Her coaching is eloquent, creating awareness in the mind, body and soul. Each session is insightful, which allows me to carry what I learn into my daily life. After each session, I leave feeling peaceful and fully restored. She is intuitive as a healer, connecting me to a happier, relaxed, state of mind. It’s a breath of fresh air to feel her creative energy guiding me on a peaceful-loving path.
— Cat Hermann △ Cat Eye Yoga , Denver, CO
My very first experience with Priya was amazing! It is difficult to find the right words to describe the sublime experience I had during the session, and the sense of well being and absence of pain I felt afterward. I am a skeptic, but Priya has made me a believer of Reiki. She has a God-given talent and is a natural at what she does.
— Mona Vaswani △ Columbus, Ohio
My “Magnified Healing” session with Priya was in November 2017. Upon meeting her, I knew in an instant that this small, gentle woman was a divine healer. Her gentle demeanor and glow about her was inviting and calming as we talked and she explained to me her background and how she was introduced to “Magnified Healing”.

As we began the session, and as her voice guided me through the visualizations and healing therapy I became at peace and “one” with my soul essence and being.

The part of the therapy that was the actual healing process was as if a burden was lifted from my back, and entire being.

I would highly recommend Priya to anyone who has a longing and desire to be spiritually healed, and in-tune, with their higher self. The experience was a blessing on all levels of healing and I am very fortunate to have met her and had the opportunity to experience the gift that she shares with others.
— Michael S. △ Hilliard, Ohio
I have sought coaching from Priya numerous times, and I will undoubtedly be returning to her many times more. She has an exceptional gift for coaching and spiritual healing. Her knowledge of these areas is inexhaustible. Priya delivers each session with diligence, care and enormous warmth. It is evident that compassion and helping others are natural instincts of Priya; I could not recommend her highly enough.
— Finn G. △ London, England
Priya introduced me to Magnified Healing. I had no prior knowledge of Magnified Healing whatsoever. She thoroughly explained the principal to me before we began in an easy to understand manner. The treatment itself was fantastic.

As Priya was working, I felt as if portals in the universe were opening up in ways they hadn’t before. I also felt a physical shift in my body for the better as the session continued. Since my treatment with Priya, I have felt better both physically and emotionally. I’ve also started to manifest things in my life that before now seemed impossible. Priya is an extremely gifted, knowledgeable healer. It was an honor to work with her.

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