Having worked for over 15 years as a litigation lawyer and then as a COO of a company, I know the demands and the myth of “work-life” balance.  In fact, it was my own burn-out from life that lead to my transformation and healing.  It is now my joy to share the techniques that I cultivated to help others remain balanced and engaged in the work they do for the world.  My passion is to help organizations provide tailored programs and coaching that helps employees go from surviving to thriving.  I help create a happier, healthier and more cohesive corporate culture - leading to productive teams and enhanced employee performance. Bring your employees or community together to de-stress, boost energy, and cultivate mindfulness.


Offerings include :


In-house guided meditation, followed by brief discussion / Q&A. Sessions range from 10 - 45 minutes in length, and can be offered weekly, monthly or for special events. Designed for all levels of experience.


In-house guided Wholehearted Flow class, including brief guided meditation. Sessions range from 30 - 90 minutes, and can be offered weekly, monthly or for special events. Designed for all levels of experience.


In-house 'power healing' reiki treatments. Private sessions are 25-minutes. Half or full-day offerings are available.

Healing Circles + Retreats

Healing Circles and Retreats blend yoga, meditation, healing, intention setting, rituals and/or workshops, customized based on your needs. Circles run between 1.5 to 2 hours, and retreats are available for half-day, full day or multiple days. Themes can be customized to company-specific focus areas.


In-house workshops/lunch & learns, ranging from 45-minutes to 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Workshop offerings include:

  • Awaken Wellbeing, designed to empower health and balance in body, mind, emotions, and spirit

  • Awaken Gratitude, designed to acknowledge the goodness in life and seeing the positive in events, experiences and other people (like our colleagues)

  • Awaken Emotional Resilience, designed to uplevel one’s ability to adapt to a stressful situation or crisis without lasting difficulties

  • Awaken Meditation, designed to help make meditation a daily practice

  • Awaken Intuition, designed to open up to the subtle art of accessing, listening to and trusting your intuition

  • Awaken Energy, designed to demystify what energy is and how to keep your energy grounded, clear and high

  • Awaken Mindfulness, designed to share the power of presence in work and life

Corporate packages for private healing, yoga and meditation instruction are also available as part of your wellness benefits or bonus programs.


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