I am
that I am.


Clarity of a lawyer
Compassion of a healer

I have been a healer for what feels like many lifetimes.

My formative years at university sparked an interest in the human conditioning. I was obsessively curious about “why are we here; what does it mean; who am I?”  While studying psychology, I gravitated towards the legal profession to defend those who society had never given a fair chance to.  I wanted to be a cause in a matter of transformation. Becoming a death row defense attorney allowed me to see pain and suffering, but also hope and redemption.  

For fifteen years,
I was in the trenches.
Fighting for life.

I was an advocate, their comrade in fighting for inner peace.  Against all odds, I encouraged my clients to see their humanity.  I provided hope by holding space. I listened when no one else would.  Then I told their story.  I fiercely advocated for the Oneness in all of us.  That what we do to our brother, we do to ourselves.  Let us see each other as more than the worst thing we have ever done. For fifteen years I was in the trenches. Fighting for life.

Every life has turning points.  As I soared past each societal milestone, I was confused by the emptiness I felt inside. As time passed, I struggled to get out of bed; I didn’t care to eat.  I woke up everyday thinking “what’s the worst thing that is going to happen today?”   I was spiraling into a hole of self-destruction.

I felt my deepest fears of insignificance erupting; my soul was starving for wholeness, and I couldn’t feed it.

It was in this heaviness that I found my answer. A whisper to visit the motherland — India — to break the compounding darkness and give light to my role as a healer

I am not afraid of your darkness. I have known my own.

Mother India brought me to my knees. I did my own deep work (a work that constantly continues on my Path).  I was gently nudged towards love and liberation.  From North to South, I transmuted what no longer serves.  My teachers pushed me forward into destruction, in time for a rebirth.  The world as I knew it was gone.  In its place, I had unbecome everything I thought was me.  

Awakening my own Ananda.  My blissful state of being.  I confirmed and refined my purpose as a bridge to connect the practical and spiritual, right and left brain, the masculine and feminine energies.

Our work is transcendence.   I work energetically and consciously.  I hold a space for emotional intimacy.  Together, we take a deep dive so you may go beyond this plane of existence - and merge with something greater than yourself.   I am not afraid of your darkness. I have known my own.


The Spiritual


As you seek, you will find.

To fully become who we are, we must surrender to the timing of our soul’s expansion. We may not get what we want when we want it, but we always receive exactly what we need. This means everything is a reward of your highest evolution and never a punishment.

You can become the butterfly and the phoenix.  You will evolve.  You will rise.

You have  been guided here for a reason.
You are ready to look inside your own heart.
You are ready for true transcendence

I am a doula for your REBIRTH. My heartfelt desire is to hold the light as you cross the bridge to expanded consciousness. To hold space for you to emerge with love, compassion, and thoughtfulness.

Together we can heal.  Love and live.  Live and love.

Together we can heal.

As a metamorphic practitioner, I ease doubts and untangle each confusion, We return to the presence your highest vibration of being, exactly as it’s designed to unfold.

The healing relationship is sacred.  I am honored to share this journey with you. Thank you for the gift of sharing space.





I am a starseed, channeled healer, evolving yogi, intuitive coach, shamanic practitioner and Vedanta student.  Vedanta is one of the world's most ancient spiritual philosophies and one of its broadest. It is based on the Vedas, the earliest sacred literature of India. 

Awaken Ananda.

I have been extensively trained in India by a Reiki Grand Master, the founder of Magnified Healing, Shamanic practitioners with the lineage of the Hawaiian Huna and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  My own healing journey was the best training I could have ever asked for.

My training allows me to offer authentic and undiluted lineage-based techniques and rituals.  No two healing sessions are the same. I tap into the energy of each client to allow the proper “spiritual prescription” to arise - with the intention that the highest good of each soul is realized.  

In a healing session, one can expect ancient and time-tested healing techniques, yoga, and shamanism.  I also incorporate Eastern philosophy, therapeutic techniques, sound healing, essential oils, mantras, crystals, breath work and guided meditations.  

After each session, you may leave with affirmations, yogic teachings, suggested readings and other ancient knowledge.  Each layer will continue to provide you Light on your path - as healing is an inside job.  


The Role
of the Healer


When aligned, a healer helps clarify each stage of our journey; helping to unravel beliefs in fear to reveal a bigger cosmic picture, where each and everything that happens to us only invokes a change for the better. If a spiritual journey is like a vision quest, then as healers we are the faithful, wise, and loving space holders for the healing already underway.

Our work is multi-layered and multi-dimensional on each level: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Just like a doula’s job is to accompany and guide the delivery of a baby and not give birth for an expectant mother --  a transformational healer exists to ease all doubts, untangle each confusion. Our role is to help return someone to the presence and innocence of their naturally aligned state of being.  At whatever speed is destined for it to unfold.

A healer herself is also on a journey of ever-increasing consciousness and evolution.  For me, playing a spiritual role is not higher than any other role in service. When we are pure of heart, we yearn to serve those in need. Whatever is needed, whether appearing spiritual or not, is joyfully provided without judgment or comparison.

Lokah  Samastah  Sukhino  Bhavantu

Lokah  Samastah  Sukhino  Bhavantu in Sanskrit means "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all."