Higher Self Talk.

This morning I was talking to my higher self. What is the higher self? It’s the part of you that connects your physical body to the Universe. It is the wisest and purest part of us.

The higher self travels with the soul for lifetimes. Attaining knowledge of the higher self and its depths of inner wisdom is the goal of the soul.

As my higher self was talking with me through the consciousness of my mediation, I started to question if all of this was real. Was I just hearingvoices? Am I going crazy? I have many conversations with my higher self, but today I was brought to question the skinny branch of faith.

Here is what I know to be true: my higher self is the real me. It is so, so much more than the physical matrix of distortion I swim in. My higher self excites me with inspiration, guides with my intuition and teaches through insight.

And we are ALL always connected in union with this part of us. I urge you to BE in a space where you consciously reconnect with your higher self. The first step is to acknowledge its even there.

Just imagine what might happen...

Priya Lakhi