What is vibration and why does it matter?

Vibration is the frequency that our energy body resonates at.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and matter; everything that is energy and matter has an energetic vibration. Energetic vibrations attract similar vibrations. This is explained by the Law of Attraction- like attracts like. The human body and outer experience is comprised of >99% energy and <1% matter. What is interesting is that we tend to focus 99% of our attention on what we can see, matter which is <1% of what we are working with. The fact is it is the invisible energy and matter, and this energetic vibration, that has the greatest weight and pull on your life’s outcomes. This newsletter discusses the significance of your inner cultivation, raising your vibration, and how to do it! Your reality is merely a reflection of what your energetic vibration is attracting into your life.

Raising your vibration helps you manifest on much higher levels of consciousness and power. As you raise your vibration you will align with your true self, your natural calling, and your goals and dreams. This is where you connect with peace, love, and happiness. This is where you discover your passion, purpose, and mission. This is where you manifest all the success and prosperity you could ever want. This is where life is worth living; this is where you fall in love with your life.

We all feel and respond, to each others’ vibrations, even if we’re not aware of it. It is the reason why we may be drawn to people or repelled by them.

But why should we care whether or not we are operating at a higher vibration?

Because the higher our vibration, the more aligned we are with our greater purpose, in touch with our higher selves, and living in our flow. And when that happens, we are most connected with our true purpose and undeniable peace.

Since light always balances the darkness, profound healing can occur when we make this shift.

With lower or denser vibrations, we feel, or emulate anger, hatred, rage and jealousy, among other negative emotions. Although many of us will experience these emotions at any given point in our lives, living with these emotions on a regular basis can have various harmful effects on our body, mind and spirit.

Being at a denser vibration constricts your energy and obstructs flow on many levels.

How you feel is the most significant variable in terms of your vibration. The emotional vibration that you emit attracts situations and scenarios to match the feeling you put out. “What you put out is what you get back.” We’ve all heard it. The universe is neutral; it does not favor anyone. The universe simply gives you what you ask for. There are many ways to raise your vibration to a place of love, compassion, appreciation, and abundance.

Raising your energetic vibration:

• Seek higher levels of consciousness and truth

• Focus on raising your vibration

• Become present in the now

• Set positive intentions daily

• Become aware of your energy body, your inner body

• Connect with nature, sunshine, water, dirt, fire, plants, animals

• Listen to and create music

• Dance, play, move, exercise, stretch, jump

• Smile, stand up tall, acknowledge others with your eyes

• Live passionately in every moment; add value in every moment

• Appreciate everything that is now

• Connect with others compassionately

• Forgive and let go easily and often

• Try new things; challenge yourself; step outside of your comfort zone

• Eat right, drink water, focus on local, natural, and organic foods

• Do kind acts of service to others; give without expectation

• Read, write, journal, learn, explore, adventure, travel

• Inspire yourself, inspire others

• Acknowledge your successes, and the successes of others

Priya Lakhi