And so it begins...

Today marks the beginning of a dream.  I am so very excited to officially open the doors of Awaken Ananda!  My mission is to help awaken the power, love and inner guidance that exists within all of us.  

When I left the legal profession after 15 years as a criminal defense lawyer, I had no idea where this turn in life would take me.  I knew something deeper was yearning to be born.  I just didn't know that the light would lead me to the role of a healer.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

My teachers and gurus have been the guiding light.  As I worked hard to rise from the ashes, I found compassion, love, discipline, and encouragement.  They pushed me to understand the value of asking the right questions, of seeking the Light and of course, the miracles that occur when one pursues a path of expanded consciousness.  They continue to be the Light that guides me into the depths of the magic of the Universe.  

Awaken Ananda would not have been possible without the never-ending support of my family and friends.  They encouraged me every step of the way.  I am forever grateful for the profound impact they have on my life.  Thank you.  

I look forward to meeting you at our healing space located within The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta.  And no matter where you are in the world, a distance healing session is only a Skype call away.

For more information about what we have planned, please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  We look forward to connecting with you.  

Jai Baba!  

With lots of love,


Brooke Wojdynski