Love Must Be Earned?

I’m over-the-moon delighted to announce that I am a contributor to an online platform called The GLU (Gather, Lead, Unite)!

The GLU is a platform for WOMEN to be SEEN and their voices to be HEARD AROUND around the WORLD.

Over the last few months, I have been called to more. To be more mindful of the truly meaningful impact of my soul's calling. This is exactly the type of partnership that allows for...deeper consideration around the impact of our work and deeper alignment in how we show up to support each other.

In this month's blog, I share about how it became clear to me as a woman, and especially a woman of color, that I have not always felt save to feel, speak and act from own values. It's probably why it was so easy for me to just do all the things that society and my upbringing told me I 'should" do.

I had never spent any time trying to navigate my own unique map of happiness.

I decided to become a life investigator. With intention, I would go out to explore to find moments that took my breath away.

Read how my 90-day self-love experiment turned out...

Sending you a full charge of belief and joy!

Priya Lakhi