Help, please!

I have to say that one of the most under-appreciated spiritual practices that I can think of is this: asking for help.

Do you know how to do this? I know that I have to practice it. Maybe it's a social training thing. Okay, I know it's a social training thing. There's this idea out there that we have to do everything on our own. It's part of the illusion of independence.

We can't even breathe without the help of a whole lot of external systems (plants mainly) and internal systems (lungs, blood cells, etc.).

But so often, many of us think we have to do things alone. I certainly can't deny that going off on your own to face some of the fears in the darkness of your soul may be necessary. I can't deny that you're going to feel like you're standing naked in the middle of the road at times when you first start following your heart. I can't deny that the spiritual path doesn't require a ton of initiative, love, and courage to bring into creating the life that you truly want to live.

But for as much as these individual choices are important, so much more will come from our connections to others. When you get stuck or hurt or scared or tired, allowing others to help you is only natural. In a more interconnected world, I think that this is our natural mode.

If you are thinking to yourself, "I need someone to talk to about my problems," but it seems that no one is out there to help: you are not alone.

Yet, you may find yourself at a loss when it is time to find a listening ear. Just because people are friendly does not mean they have time to invest in listening to you talk about your problems or feelings. Everyone is busy with his or her own lives and just because someone is your friend on Facebook or follows you on Twitter does not mean that they want to know about your issues. Even your real friends and family may not be the best choice for telling your problems to. They are somewhat biased and sometimes, your well-meaning friends and family may even lecture you rather than giving practical advice.

As Brene Brown says: "not everyone has earned the right to hear your story."

How can I help you? All you have to do is ask...and it would be my honor.

Priya Lakhi